NDIS Core Supports

The Co-operative Life is an approved registered NDIS provider

We believe in a person-centred approach to care, working with you to achieve your goals. Together we develop a personal plan to include meaningful activities that support your NDIS goals in your home and in the community. These may include the following:

  • building relationships
  • capacity building
  • supporting you to lead a meaningful life

Our support encompasses personal care, domestic assistance, daily activities, social and community participation.

We work closely with your allied health professionals to ensure the highest standards of support in your life.

Social and community participation

Everyone’s experience with social and community participation is different; it all depends on your needs and interests.

It can be as simple as hanging out at your local cafe, playing football with a team, joining a choir, going on bushwalks with a support worker, or learning new skills via a driving lesson.

Our Support Workers can support you in a range of activities such as meal preparation, exercise, transportation, arts & crafts, and a buddy for social events.

Community Supports are offered to help people build their skills and social networks. The assistance can be instruction and/or assistance with everyday living, encouragement to participate in community activities, and assistance in creating and maintaining healthy personal, familial, and communal relationships.

Participating in social activities is crucial because it can: 

  • make you feel included and connected to others
  • provide you with opportunities to develop friendships
  • expand your social networks and make you feel a part of society
  • boost your self-assurance and develop your capacity for interaction with peers
  • assist you in learning how to become more independent and feel secure in your neighbourhood
  • assist you in locating activities you enjoy.
Try something new!

It can be good to try different activities. Until you give something a go, you might not know if you like it. It may feel different at first, but with the right support and help you may find activities you enjoy. These activities can also change over time as your needs and interests change.

Research shows that the best things in life are the activities you enjoy doing and the people who make you feel important.

We want to see you living the life of your choice, so we will help you set and work towards your goals.

To enquire about NDIS Core Supports and Social and Community participation, please contact us.

Supports that help with day to day life

Support under this category aims to empower you to make decisions about how to manage your home and living arrangements. This could include helping you with cooking, cleaning and general household management or assisting you with personal care.

Everyday items you may need. For example, continence products or low-cost assistive technology and equipment to improve your independence and/or mobility.

Keeping you connected with the wider community, a support worker will help you to participate in social and community activities.

This is support that will help you travel to work or other places in order to achieve the goals in your plan.

NDIS Core Supports will help to cover transport costs associated with activities such as getting to and from school or other education programs, work, and participating in other community or recreational activities. 

We are here to help

Looking for support but don't know where to start?

It can be a challenge to understand what support is available to you through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Your NDIS core budget supports you with everyday activities, your current disability-related needs and to work towards your goals. Contact us for help with getting the right NDIS support for your needs.

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